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These images (the first three) really piss me off (I did not include similar images of France and the UK for obvious reasons). Whoever created such images has/have no idea what kind of damage they are causing, despite their “good” intentions.

Do you really expect people in Western countries to understand what it is like to have Palestine being swallowed incrementally by zionism through a depiction of a theoretical situation that mimics the process in some “Western” country? Don’t you realize that it was the very same colonial criminality that brought these countries into existence (the USA, Australia, and Canada, specifically)? These colonial powers invaded North (and South) America, and Australia, committed genocide against the native populations, and usurped their sacred land pretty much like Israel did, and does to this day!

Their ideologies were not that different from zionism. They invoked a divine right to steal the land and brutalize the people. They called themselves “civilized” while calling the beautiful highly spiritual native peoples “savages” and “primitives”, just like Israel tries to portray itself, as an advanced and civilized “Western” country that “modernized” the Palestinians.

Please stop using these images to get the message across. It is like shooting oneself in the foot. Not only do they trivialize and ignore the suffering of our native brethren in North and South America, and Australia, but they are also a mockery of our own fight for liberation.

Look at the forth picture (which has a late start at 1850), so you can understand my point. 

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